Client Transformations

Cyndi and her jaw dropping transformation at 49 years young! Now that she has the proper nutrition and exercise routine set in place she can’t be stopped.

Jacqueline has lost over 100lbs!! This strong woman has not only amazed people with her Gospel singing at the Pentagon but she has amazed herself with just how capable she is with taking on any goals she has. Couldn’t be more proud of this woman and the amount of positivity she constantly radiates. Can’t wait to see what we can do next but I assure you she WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!
This is just another reason why our fit Fam is superior to all others! We are made up of every walk of life. From Pro athletes to the stay at home parent the total beginner in health and fitness the young kid wanting to make the school team and most likely YOUR trainer at one time. We are always successful because we work TOGETHER. Come see what you’re missing and surpass your goals!

Blessing lost 53lbs in under 20 weeks. Her transformation is proof that no matter how busy you are you can make your goals happen. Balancing a full time job, finishing up a Masters Degree and working a part time job at night she still MADE time to workout and eat clean heathly foods.

Lindsay made this transformation happen in only 10 weeks!

Michael gained over 23lbs of muscle in 17 months. When you make a commitment to your goals and work hard every day you can have results like his too.

Mikes 16 week total body transformation!!

Sara single mother of 2 little boys MADE time to work hard and balance a full time job to make her goals happen.

Columbus Battalion Fire Chief Tracy and her mind blowing transformation at 52 years young!!

Dawn Maries awesome 10 week transformation

erin transformation

Erin is a business owner and mother of 2 girls and still made time to make this 1 year transformation happen. She quit doing cardio all the time and we implemented a proper weight training, nutrition and recovery plan for these results.

Former U.S Marine and now Doctor, Jon made amazing progress in 14 weeks! You can’t get much busier then a doctors schedule and Jon still was able to surpass his health and fitness goals.

lisa transformation

Lisa lost over 73lbs and built muscle without doing any cardio. This is proof that eating good highly nutritional valued foods is essential to being successful.

angie transformation

Angies 12 week muscle building transformation